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Programme Highlights

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 Sensory Play 
Art Exploration
Music & Movement
Cookery Junior

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 Outdoor Play & Exploration 
Thematic Indoor Play

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‘English Junior’ 
‘Chinese Junior’ 
‘Numeracy Junior’


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Emotional Confidence

One of the child's basic needs is to feel secure and know they will be taken care of and loved. At Canopy, our teachers will nurture each toddler's emotional confidence and independence as they slowly work into a routine where they can comfortably and safely separate and reunite with their primary caregivers.

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Opportunities for Parents

Playgroups provide parents with an excellent opportunity to draw from a pool of knowledge and emotional support by bringing together parents and children in one setting, creating a modern day ‘village’. 

Cognitive and Linguistic Development

At Canopy, we believe in the importance of early exposure of a second language and conduct activities in both English and Mandarin. Studies have shown that bilingualism strengthens cognitive abilities and can allow children to be more creative and flexible.

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Social Skills

Experts agree that children begin to develop their social skills between the ages of one to three. In a playgroup setting, children will have many opportunities to socialise with others in their age group, and in a guided environment with activities that can further promote quality development in social skills.

Daily Timetable

playgroup timetable
playgroup timetable
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Michele See, a BsECH graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and is a qualified practitioner of Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology.

With more than fifteen years experience in teaching diverse groups of students, she has an astute ability to identify the interest and needs of each child in her classroom. Dedicated to nourishing the core developmental foundations and learning attitudes of children, Michele stays at the forefront of current educational issues and research.

Michele takes pride in making quality literature of multiple genres available to students. Her professional strength is in cultivating the joy of reading, as well as leading her students in rich play experiences and purposeful sensory exploration - towards a deep understanding of relationships with peers and the natural world.



  • TERM 1 : 3 Jan - 10 Mar 

  • TERM 2: 20 Mar - 26 May

  • TERM 2A: 29 May to 16 Jun
    - BREAK: 17 - 25 Jun -

  • TERM 3: 26 Jun - 1 Sep

  • TERM 4: 11 Sep - 17 Nov

  • TERM 4A: 20 Nov - 22 Dec
    - BREAK: 23 - 31 Dec -


2023 Playgroup Intake - for children born in 2020/2021

NOTE: Child must be at least 18 months old at point of entry (i.e. 3 Jan 2023)


5 days a week, Monday - Friday

9 AM - 11 AM

$520 / mth


3 days a week, any 3 from Monday - Friday

9 AM - 11 AM

$420 / mth


Deposit: 1 month's programme fees

Registration: $50 (non-refundable)

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