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Holiday Programme

School holidays are an excellent opportunity for children to explore and discover new sights and interests. At Canopy, we organise fun and exciting programmes every holiday for Primary 1 - 6 students to immerse them in fresh experiences and learning adventures. Our programmes are open to all Canopy students and to the public as well.


March Holiday Programme 2024

Thank you! We will inform you once our programme schedule is out.

Year-End Holidays Programme

Embark on a transformative three-day journey with our Year-End Holidays Programme, designed to immerse children in the vibrant world of professions. 

Spanning from the 20th to the 22nd of November (Monday to Wednesday; 9am - 5pm), participants will experience the excitement of being an Engineer, the discipline of an Athlete, and the wonderment of a Scientist!

This unique programme promises not only fun but also a profound learning experience!

Year-End Holidays Journey

Participate in the day-to-day life of a Canopy student! Dive deeper into the essence of experiential learning with the Canopy Year-End Holidays Journey, scheduled from the 27th of November to the 20th of December. 

Tailored to intrigue and educate, this journey offers a tapestry of diverse activities. From reconnecting with nature in our Wild Wonder Expedition to learning the art of Muay Thai, and from crafting at our Sewing Workshop to understanding marine ecosystems during our Fish Farm Visit — every activity is a gateway to new horizons.

dec 2023 holiday programme
dec 2023 holiday journey

Latest Updates

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