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What can a Student Care be? The Canopy Way to 'Nurturing Wholeness and Purpose'

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Embarking on a Holistic Educational Journey

Every parent seeks the best education for their children. In this quest, the term "holistic education" often surfaces. But what does it truly entail, especially in the context of after school care?

At Canopy Education, recognised as Skoolopedia’s "Most Nurturing Student Care of 2023/24", we embody holistic education, going beyond academics to nurturing the whole child.

Our steadfast mission since 2018 has been "Nurturing Wholeness and Purpose" through an inclusive approach to after-school care and holistic education.

Discover how we create a nurturing environment that prioritises academic, social, and emotional growth, paving the way for well-rounded, compassionate individuals ready to make a positive impact.

The 'C.A.R.E' Model: The Four Pillars of Holistic Development

At the core of Canopy Student Care is our unique 'C.A.R.E' model, meticulously designed to address the multifaceted needs of a child’s development:

  • Comprehensive Academic Development & Support: Beyond homework completion, our approach to academics cultivates self-directed learning habits and thinking rigour.

  • Adventure & Exploration in the Outdoors: Contrary to a narrow academic focus, we champion physical activity and outdoor education to enrich both mind and body!

  • Resilience and Relationships: At Canopy, we foster a culture of respect, laying the foundation for healthy identities, emotional management, and responsible decision-making.

  • Engaged Partnerships: Our community extends beyond Canopy! Collaborations with parents, the community, and external partners ensure a well-rounded approach to each child's development.

Expanding Horizons: Signature Programmes at Canopy

Our signature programmes are integrated into the holistic C.A.R.E philosophy, expanding the scope of traditional after-school care:

  • Canopy Compass: A unique three-pronged approach focusing on Memory and Learning Techniques, Social Emotional Competencies, and Financial Literacy, preparing our young learners for life.

  • Canopy Odyssey: A board game-based learning programme offering authentic, tactile, and interactive learning experiences, fostering soft skills like negotiation and emotional resilience. (Include other signature programmes and their benefits)

  • Canopy Chinese+ (refreshed, beginning 2024): Introduced due to popular demand from parents, this programme provides targeted support in Chinese language skills, focusing on enhancing reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities, offering a comprehensive approach to Chinese learning.

  • Reflective Reading: Utilising our self-developed ‘Reflective Reading Journal’, we encourage students to engage deeply with texts, promoting critical thinking, empathy, and literacy skills that last a lifetime.

  • 'A Park a Month': Resonating with our commitment to community and environment outside our four walls, connecting students with the natural world to a new park around Singapore every month!

  • Learnseeker: An AI-driven platform that customises learning material to suit individual needs, identifying knowledge gaps and providing a comprehensive progress report.

  • Regular Termly Holiday Programmes: Your child's learning doesn't have to stop when school does! Our bespoke holiday programmes are designed to enrich, engage, and excite. Whether it's a deep dive into science, an exploration of the arts, or a sports week, each term offers a new adventure.

The Canopy Difference: A Community of Comprehensive Care

At Canopy, we offer a refreshing alternative—a holistic community that nurtures every child's academic, physical, and emotional well-being. We go beyond extending the school day; it's our mission to enrich your children’s lives, imbuing them with a sense of purpose, wholeness, and a comprehensive well-being that lasts.

Experience the "Canopy Difference" through our video, "A Day in the Life of Reia!"

This immersive video will take you on a journey through Reia's enriching day at Canopy, showcasing how our holistic approach to student care seamlessly blends learning, growth, and fun.

Stay tuned for a captivating glimpse into the nurturing environment that awaits every child at Canopy!

Interested to find out more, arrange a centre tour with us at: or WhatsApp us!


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